I'm Josh, an insatiable learner.

I'm a developer.


  • 2016

    Monthly habit goals for twenty sixteen

  • Encodings

    Exploring Unicode and other charsets

  • Optimizing OmniFocus

    GTD with OmniFocus

  • How I Focus

    Personal tips for uninterrupted periods of productivity

  • Markov Chains

    Understanding the beautiful stochastic process and its applications

  • My Terminal Setup

    Tools and tricks for a more productive terminal experience

  • Infinity

    Exploring the history of infinity

  • How to Form Habits

    And stick to them

  • 2015

    Monthly habit goals for twenty fifteen

  • 2014 Review

    Lessons I learnt in twenty fourteen

  • Grunt

    Automate parts of your front-end development workflow

  • Matter

    Historical ideas of matter in pre-Socratic times